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Design Services Offered

Here at Gift of God Designs, we recognize that our top priority is to put out quality, customized products to enlighten the community about your church or business while keeping your budget in mind.  With this goal in mind, it is important to also provide a customized process based on your needs versus a cheap, cookie-cutter process you can find elsewhere.
Let's work together to create something you (and your mother) would be proud of!
A logo is basically the front door of any church or ministry.  It is what establishes a recognizable image for the community to attach to your services.  Needless to say, it is a vital part of your branding process and, therefore, should be thought out and strategized according to your needs.  We provide custom logo design with unlimited revisions.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with your finished product.
If a logo is the number on a home, then the website is the front door.  Did you know 17 million people who aren't regular church-goers visit church websites each year?  That's an alarming statistic - especially when you consider the number of churches who are NOT leveraging the web and social media to reach the world we are in.  We want to make sure that your church's heart is conveyed in a way that says "Welcome Home" to all who visit your website.  We also want to make sure that this door is not revolving but one that keeps the warmth in.  Let us help you get to this place.

A brand is defined as "the identity of a specific product, service, or business".  Does your ministry or business have a brand?  If so, what does it say about your vision?  Our goal is to help visualize churches' and businesses' visions and missions in a way that is clear to all who come into contact with it.  This is accomplished through consistency in all areas of presentation (such as logo, colors, fonts, business cards, stationery, etc.).  We can provide products that are both digital and print that you can utilize wherever necessary.  We will even provide a branding style guide that will make sure that anyone who utilizes your logo within your ministry falls under the guidelines necessary to keep a uniform look.